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Autopano Giga 4.4.2 Crack Torrent. Those tools are EZGigabit Freeware!. 0/5 Autopano Giga 4.0.“In the current economic and social conditions, companies are not investing, employees do not have benefits and pension. The working class is being targeted in the new ‘transformation program’,” said the head of the trade union, Lenín Moreno.

The general strike was launched on October 15 against the government’s “Social Transformation Program.” Moreno said that three of the main targets of the government’s plan are the pension system, labor laws and the economy.

“This program attacks all of those pillars that have allowed us to achieve the prosperity that we have today.” said Moreno.

The government programs are part of the new economic policy laid out by President Rafael Correa on August 10. Moreno was one of the speakers at the UN Week of Social Movements and Resistance in Quito, where he said that the mass protests that took place in Ecuador in 2008 was “the most important resistance that we have had.”

Three other trade unionists who spoke at the same event, Cesar Alcázar, Miguel Muñoz and Moisés Villamizar, said that the government’s programs are part of a “depoliticization and privatization program.”

“It is a program of a political nature. They are attacks on workers, the poor and those sectors that are directly affected. The government wants to push for the privatization of the pension system and the health and education systems, but the truth is the reforms are not happening,” said Muñoz.

The government’s economic reforms “ignore the reality of the people,” said Villamizar.

“We call for a general strike of sectors that are the most affected. We are not afraid to strike because we have a government that is corrupt and only protects themselves,” said Moreno.

The government refuses to negotiate

Meanwhile, Ecuador’s trade union movement is also mobilizing. In response to the government’s economic reforms, unions have called a general strike in Ecuador.

“We are going to organize a general strike. We need the majority of the population for it to be effective, but at the same time we need the trade unions to