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* Using Photoshop: A Quick Tour

To get you started with Photoshop, you can start at the “Getting Started” page on the Apple support website and follow the online tutorials ( or buy a book (as discussed in the section titled _”Selecting Books about Photoshop”_ later in this chapter) on Photoshop.

The Adobe website also has numerous useful tutorials, such as the “Auto Edit” tutorial that walks you through how to use the Quick Fix (selected with the Q key) and most commonly used Automate tools.

Photoshop includes the Layer panel (refer to Figure 7-2), which is the area in which all the layers you create are added to. You can move a layer around in this panel.

The Layers panel contains layers created from the document space. This panel also includes the Layer contextual menu, which is a list of all the tools you can apply to a layer. You access this panel by pressing Ctrl+U (for _Undo_ ) or Ctrl+Y (for _Redo_ ), or by pressing Shift+Alt+Y (for Redo) or Shift+Alt+U (for Undo). The tools that are activated by these keyboard shortcuts are listed in the Layer panel.

To activate the Layer panel, you can either press Ctrl+U to open it or click the little down arrow icon at the top of the Layers panel. Note that the Layer panel and the thumbnails in the Layers panel are collapsible/expandable. Press Ctrl+Z to collapse them or to expand them.

* Customizing the workspace

When you first start Photoshop, it loads its own template. By default, this template loads the standard workspace that is used. It is configurable through the Preferences dialog box.

To access the Preferences dialog box:

* Choose Edit⇒Preferences and click the dialog box launcher in the top left of the dialog box.
* From the left pane of the dialog box, choose Default (Photoshop CS6) or Photoshop CS6.

Figure 7-2. The Layers panel provides a list of all the layers created for the document. The panels used to access these layers are located on the right.

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