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Avoiding Plone workflows

I have a site using Plone 4.1.2. I have configured a workflow for one of my components. When I try to make changes to the component using the site’s API, I get the following message:
Changes to components are not allowed

I get this even though the workflow is not selected. The workflow I have configured is “Create a new version”.
I thought that I could avoid this by changing the workflow from Create a new version to Revert all changes, but when I do that I just get a message saying that this workflow is disabled.
Is there any way around this? I suppose I could get Plone developers to implement patch-level access control for the site’s API but I doubt that they would want to do that. Is there any other way around this?


If you configure a workflow for a component, then the workflow for that component overrides all of the other workflows in the system. It’s not possible to disable a workflow, because it’s one of the few workflows in the system that is not tied to a site and thus has no level, so no per-site setting for it. It has to be enabled per-site and assigned to a component.
You can do what you’re attempting via the site’s API, just not per-site. You can change a component’s workflow in the UI; you’ll just need to make sure you’re looking at the right item (the component, and not its site).
You could also edit your own workflow and set it to “revert all changes” for the time being.

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