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DICE have yet to detail the specific enhancements for the next iteration of Ultimate Team, but they are promised to be “pretty awesome.”

FIFA on Xbox One is 80 percent complete and has a finish date of April 26, according to the game’s chief producer, Peter McMillen.

“FIFA on Xbox One is now 80 percent complete and we’re finishing on the game on time for launch next month,” McMillen said in a statement. “We’re on track for a May 22 release on Xbox One and we’re working hard on some fantastic features that fans will love.”

FIFA on Xbox One features include “shared progress” between platforms and the “largest roster in any EA Sports FIFA game to date.”

The release of “Future Stars,” the all-new free update for Xbox Live Gold members, continues to build momentum. Download content for FIFA 20 and many other DICE games, including battlefield: Bad Company 2 and DICE’s own Star Wars Battlefront II, is available to download for free.

As a part of the release, the above is live for Xbox One and Xbox 360 users, and is expected to hit Windows 10 devices soon. The FIFA 19 roster is growing rapidly, with more than 300 new players.

For more on FIFA on Xbox One, be sure to head to our hub, where you can also read about the new PES 2019 update, which introduces “hyper-intelligent artificial intelligence” and other enhancements to the game.

Xbox gamers have something to look forward to at EA Play, as EA announced new games, including a few from other studios.

This year will also see the release of “DLC packs,” including “Inspire by Liverpool FC” for Madden NFL 19 Ultimate Team and “The Journey of One” for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team.

The latest “Xbox Game Pass” update is live, and offers Xbox One players the latest 20 games. They include Elder Scrolls Online, Starlink, Warframe, and more.

FIFA 19 sold 3.5 million units in the US in its first four days on sale. Also, we have EA’s latest “Jump the Shark” video to share.

Other news from EA Play today includes the addition of Starlink to Xbox Game Pass. As explained in the video, the highly-anticipated space shooter is now live on


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FIFA is the most popular football video game, available on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Xbox 360®, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and Android. FIFA brings authentic and realistic football gameplay to a variety of platform.

FIFA Ultimate Team by EA SPORTS is a unique experience where you can set your own path to greatness by building a virtual football team from over 25,000 players and 3,500 real world football clubs.

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Have you been playing with your friends this year? Last year? Last decade? Or since first picking up the controller? Let us know! Why not share your own game tips, tricks or points of view, or give and take with other players?

And then there’s the other football sub-genres: American football, Australian football, baseball, and more.

The best football games have always come in several different shapes and sizes.

Top 5 Football Games on Xbox One

Subway Surfers

The simple rules of the iconic 80s cartoon are reimagined as a thrilling 2D platforming adventure in this sequel to the award winning game.

New features include a variety of game modes, a brand new story, five HD, all new levels, and even more cool collectibles.

Drive to Survive

Drive to Survive is an intense survival action game where you are a truck driver, trying to survive in a mysterious and hostile world.

It features unique gameplay mechanics, high replayability, bonus systems and an immersive atmosphere created from the talent of the Dead by Daylight team.

FIFA Soccer 17

FIFA Soccer 17 brings you the best-selling football video game series to the Xbox One.

New additions to the FIFA franchise include Ultimate Team, pass moves, and a revamped passing system, but the biggest change is the focus on authentic and lifelike gameplay.


Wanna take down a player you admire? Blast that goal with a rocket from a distant angle? Kick a volley over the bar?

FIFA 15 is the game you’ve been waiting for. It includes new features like the all-new TAKEOVER SYSTEM, an improved dribbling system, a focus on your style of play, and high-intensity action with the most realistic ball physics seen in a video game.

Division Rivals

Division Rivals is a free-to-play football game set in the online environment


Fifa 22 Free (Updated 2022)

FIFA Ultimate Team is back with an all-new format to bring FIFA 22’s revolutionary Ultimate Team to life. Select your player, pick your formation and start customizing your very own team of international superstars, with a collection of over 2500 players to equip.

FUT Draft – Schedule your day around a new FUT Draft system. Create a dream team of your favorite player with a range of unique FUT Draft cards. Download and take your FUT Draft card to be deployed to real matches, to see how you stack up against other users in the global FUT draft.

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Date Added: July 22, 2017

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What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Console Brand New Devices – Play with the latest generation of consoles including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.
  • New to FIFA – New to the FIFA franchise, including the all-new Player Impact Engine and Immersive Spectating.
  • Hyper Sensitive Touchscreen – Take your pitch control and tactics to a whole new level in handheld mode.
  • New Strikers – Master the art of striking in FIFA 22 with the all-new RAPID FIRE system, placing velocity and accuracy into every shot fired. Experience the elegance of goalkeeping in new high def physics shots.
  • Enhanced Player Models – New end to end motion capture data provides players with unprecedented levels of visual and physical accuracy and reaction. 7 new Player Attributes including acceleration, burst, power, running style, and turning, give players individuality – and an authentic feel to gameplay.
  • FIFA Trials Back on Xbox One – Complete Trial challenges on Xbox One with single-player and local co-op modes with enhanced realism.
  • Xbox One Family Share, Wireless, and Stream Play – Share and play games together with your family on Xbox One.
  • Career Roster Update – Including Real Transfer List – FIFA Head to our PES Wiki, where you can find the most realistic roster updates ever offered in a soccer game.
  • Player Ratings – Move alongside the team and rise with your star with more team-driven ratings and significantly more impact on results. Your performances will also affect the matchday experience, with new ‘players’ called into defence or back-up goalkeeper positions if you perform poorly.
  • New Starting XI – Starting XI includes an authentic “classic” inaugural match lineup for new franchises.
  • New Club Interfaces – Club kits, players, and owners can now be customised to your taste.


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FIFA is the definitive version of the most popular action football video game series of all time. The most realistic and authentic gameplay experience delivers the thrill of scoring the world’s greatest players in every game mode, and features gameplay innovations never before seen in a sports video game. FIFA has been downloaded more than 4 billion times and set the standard for sports games for over 25 years, providing fans the opportunity to play with and against the very best footballers from around the world. FIFA 19 makes it easier than ever to control the ball and players, while retaining the detail and authenticity that keep the gaming experience authentic.

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