Dungeon Souls – Beta V1.3 Game Hack 2021

Dungeon Souls – Beta V1.3 Game Hack 2021


Dungeon Souls – Beta V1.3 Game Hack

The developers have been working on balancing and revamping the game since the pre-expansion patch was released. Monique Lazare claims that they are actively monitoring feedback on the forums, as well as game logs to help them better understand where statistical imbalances come from. While some of the feedback—such as that suggested by players who would like more co-operation when killing bosses—has been met, there are still some problems with the game[17].

Blizzard maintains two game-loot websites: the Loot2.0 website, which updates the game’s loot and rune stores, and the Lootmaster.reddit.com website, which gathers internal and third-party data on player’s interactions with loot. When the developers update the game, this information is used to understand the “raw ratio” between the in-game and out-of-game sources of loot. After correlations have been made and factors that affect the ratio have been aggregated, it is aggregated per-character and per-class. This information is then loaded into the loot tables on the Loot2.0 and Lootmaster.reddit.com websites.

Due to the game’s new League Leaderboards, users could now earn higher level dice rolls from those in the lower brackets (1-40) who were better at the game. This was done because while high-level players every seek the best equipment for themselves, they find themselves playing lower-level characters to the point of “extracting as much value out of them as possible”, sacrificing themselves to build a character with a higher absolute DPS. Thus, using lower-level characters to roll die rolls was a way to accomplish this goal without the risk of dying.

The game was planned to introduce a new feature called Dungeon Mastery that would give the player a personal rating of how to play the game optimally. This would provide an overview of a player’s character’s strengths and weaknesses within a given game. All players were to receive the profile at launch, but Blizzard added more spells later in game so that each character would only need to work on a handful.[18]