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Using data from real-life play, FIFA 22 implements a series of custom animations, controls and behaviors to make these player actions more intuitive to control. For example, the new Dribbling Control System simulates an actual football match experience when players are competing to pass the ball around the pitch.

Standard responses to automated duels and on-ball actions are also calculated based on player force and velocity.

EA SPORTS FIFA 22 Demos Details & Features:

Features New Approach to Spectate

A Real-Life Spectate Experience

A New Level of Artificial Intelligence

Built-In AR Challenges

A Variety of “Matchday” Scenes

Customizable Player Visuals

Unprecedented Player Performance

HyperMotion Technology

New Dynamic Player Traits

Dynamic Player Behavior

Faster Maneuvers

Advanced Ball Physics

Audio Reinforcement

Player Personality-Enhanced Sound FX

Smooth Match Day Player Recruitment and Promotion

A Cut Above FIFA Experience

Unprecedented AI

Movement System

Pitch/Coach Commentary

Quickly view and manage all of your players including:


Team Chemistry


Players to receive retirements before the conclusion of the transfer window.

A new player recruitment and promotion system allows you to easily add and remove players from your squad.

A player’s performance will be affected by their attributes, such as stamina, fitness, and shooting and heading ability.

A player’s playing style will determine how other players will react to them, and how they will react to the player’s game.

Training and improving a player’s attributes improves their performance.

Improve a player’s attributes by using the Practice to Train feature or by spending Skill Points on their attributes.

Every player has a Special Skills list, which is inherited from the player’s playing style and attributes.

The Special Skills list has a variety of useful player skills, such as dribbling, shooting, and heading.

Gaining Experience (XP) will give a player Skill Points (SP) that can be used to improve their Special Skills.

Players will gradually gain XP based on actions within the game, and the rate at which XP is gained will depend on the player’s attributes and style.

Partying or resting during game session


Features Key:

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