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“FIFA 22 teams will be able to run, jump and duck more than ever before,” said Alex Mora. “Whether players are sprinting from cover to cover or manoeuvring on the ball, the new features in FIFA 22 allow them to act with more confidence and control, delivering a deeper and more immersive experience.”

Key features include:

A new in-game simulation system

A new run and pass control system

A new moving wall system

An improved active AI system

A new collision system

Visual enhancements

Play set-up features

All seven kits worn by the 21 top national teams at the FIFA World Cup France™ 2014 have been included in FIFA 22, and a further 30 different kits have been included in FIFA Ultimate Team.

A new development kit has been added to the FIFA Ultimate Team application for the first time in many years. FIFA Ultimate Team will be given extra space to better showcase in-game content. Players will now have access to a full toolbox containing items such as kits, crests, stadiums, videos and players for Ultimate Team.

In FIFA 22, teams can select the preferred football field size in the new settings menu. There are five options: BIG (6×6), BIG (8×8), MEDIUM (6×6), MEDIUM (8×8) and SMALL (5×5). The size can be selected at any time, and is not affected by previous selections. The changing of the field size can influence the play style of the game.

A new “Play Styles” screen will appear when a new game is started in FIFA 22. The selections available range from the traditional “Casual Friendly” to the more demanding “Power Play”.

The “Safe Zone” option will be making its appearance for the first time. This feature is intended to address a specific issue, in that it will provide a certain degree of protection for the ball carrier, especially in narrow spaces. The “Safe Zone” will be automatically activated when the goalkeeper drops to his/her knee.

The goalkeeper and defence will be able to drive with the ball at a depth of five metres from the touchline. In addition, the “Deep Free-Kick” and “Deep Penalty Kick” will be made more powerful, and in FIFA 22 it will be possible to cancel the kick entirely.


Fifa 22 Features Key:

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