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Get Daffy Du Freeloaders full Movie here. free Movie. A bunch of freaks stuffs up at a car’s gear stick, and soon, a whole bunch of chain reactions start to swing. Some freaks swiftly realize that things are not quite right, but there is no time for anyone to escape now. They scream, and race, and play for their lives through a wham! crashfest of freaks on freaks. The worst gets worse (or is it best?) when the freaks dont like what they see. One of the freaks, a total geek, evolves into a perfect destroyer of freaks towards the end of the movie. That’s it. No more, no less. Play as many different freaks as you want. Nobody loses, not even the baddest of the bad. (Author: Brannon Sanders, Original director: Luis Vega) “Daffy Du Freeloaders” is the newest movie by Brannon Sanders (the man responsible for Disney’s Ԁ°High School Musical’, Ԁ°Chicken Little’, and Ԁ°Lilo & Stitchܼ). It had originally been announced to be a sequel to the original film, Daffy Du Time Traveler and has since been described as The Dick in Daffy’s Time Machine. It is however not, Whilst Pixar have the rights to Daffy Du Time Traveler, Disney are the rights holders to Daffy Du Freeloaders, as the latter film was released by Disney under the Open Road Films banner at their Disneyland Presents event on February 12, 2012. It was released theatrically on April 26, 2014.