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How to import a dataset in R?

I’m trying to install urbanSimlution R package but I have some problem with it. I would like to import a dataset that is in zip file.
I found urbanSimlution’s repo but there is a README file that is not clear enough.

There are two files which I could not find the import function.

I just need to import the csv format.


This github page contains all the RMD files used within UrbanSimlution package.
Just download it and open the csv_reader.rmd file.
This file contains the function readdata() which will give you the access to the dataset that is used in the code of UrbanSimlution R package.
This function is as follows:
readdata <- function(file_path, parsed) { tryCatch(file_data <- read.csv(file_path), error = function(e) { if (!exists("data")) tryCatch(data <- read.csv(file_path), error = function(e) {