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MyTuner Radio App: FM Radio Internet Radio Tuner V6.2.16 Apk [Pro] [Latest] !!TOP!! 👌🏿

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MyTuner Radio App: FM Radio Internet Radio Tuner V6.2.16 Apk [Pro] [Latest]

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A new report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives recommends that the NDP become more centrist as it seeks to distance itself from the Liberals, who have dominated the party in recent years and who are now the Official Opposition.

The report suggests that the NDP abandon its “progressive” and “welcome to Canada” stances, embrace a “centrist ideological mainstream,” adopt a more “pro-private sector,” and bring its position toward free trade closer to that of the Liberals.

Left politics are undoubtedly discredited in the eyes of most voters. But the report insists that centrism does not automatically equate to conservative politics. The Centre cites supporters of President Barack Obama in the US, including Wall Street Journal editor Stephen Pimpare, as examples of progressive centrists.

“Canada’s centrists, including most progressives and a significant majority of centrist liberals, are resolutely opposed to war, and to the view that Canada must defend the North American free trade regime against protectionist ‘national champions,'” the report states. “They are also resolutely opposed to the idea that Canada is obliged to build a strong military, and to support the [use] of military force.”

The report is entitled “Bending Towards Centre.”

Towards what?

The Centre for Policy Alternatives think tank argues that the Liberal Party has already won the battle over the political centre, and that the NDP needs to take a page out of the Liberals’ playbook and adopt a centrist stance to beat the Conservative Party.

The CA think tank argues that the NDP needs to adopt a centrist stance and ‘bend towards centre’

“If the NDP can win back voters from the centre — even just a small number of votes from the centre — it will be well positioned to win many more seats in Parliament,” the report states.

“But it will have to be more centrist and better able to show an understanding of the needs and concerns of the centre, and