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Hierarchy relationship in sql

I have a table with the following information:
PersonName, PersonID, JobID

Where PersonID is an Integer and JobID is a smallint
I have a person that is a manager and he can be a manager to anyone
so I’ve set the following on the job table:
PersonID , Position

But what I need is to add ManagerID or PersonID
so that if an person is a manager he also can be a manager of anyone and anyone can be a manager of anyone
If anyone can help I’d really appreciate it


This is a typical N:N relationship. Most relations are 1:M – one entity to many, and many to many (which is M:M) are a special case.
The solution you are looking for is to create a junction table with the PersonID and the ManagerID. This table would be unique for both columns (hence the junction table), and would contain a foreign key to the first row.
Alternatively, you