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If you are looking for a great application which allows you to watch local TV stations and listen to Radio from your computer (while you use your computer at work, at school, at home… or even somewhere else) then OutboundNet Viewer Pro is what you need. With the great application you will be able to watch your local TV stations, listen to your favorite Radio stations and even watch VIDEOS. OutboundNet Viewer Pro is really easy to use and is very stable. It has a friendly interface and it allows you to watch all your favorite TV and Radio channels in a few easy steps. You can view TV and Radio channels without the need to buy a device or a satellite dish, it will work at once a TCP/IP connection from your computer to the Internet and will find all the channels in one single software program. It is perfect if you are a beginner who wants to watch TV and listen to the Radio at your computer while you are at work, at school or at home, you don’t need a satellite dish or a TV Tuner in your computer in order to watch the TV programmes or listen to the radio with OutboundNet Viewer Pro. All you need is a fast static Internet connection.
Some other features are:
■ New “Small TV” function allows to watch TV station and listen to the radio in full screen mode and without a need to play a video stream
■ List of favourite channels
■ Supports playlists for TV programmes
■ Viewing data of a channel
■ Support for the music/video/text embedded in TV programmes
■ Allows to open local files
■ Supports HTML + VB Script programming
■ Supports direct installation over network
■ No registration
■ No monthly fee
■ Allows to add other favourite channels
OutboundNet TV Viewer Free Description:
OutboundNet Viewer Free is a new software program released by the team of the famous OutboundNet software. It includes a very powerful TV client which is easy to use, stable and very compatible with the most popular TV and Radio channels. It can be used by anyone no matter what level of expertise he has on this program.
OutboundNet Viewer Free has a new design, it is fully compatible with the newest Windows Vista and the Windows 7 operating systems and it is automatically updated every two weeks with the latest TV and Radio channels. All the client is free, it is absolutely F

OutboundNet Viewer Pro

– 10 more TV channels
– More than 1000 Radio Channels
– Full screen mode
– Full support to NTSC-M/H system
– 32 colours support
– Full-lenght movie support
– “Zoom-in” function
– Full-length station list update
– Enjoy your favourite satellite receiver from your PC
– Great windows support
– Many skins to choose
– Low price leader
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OutboundNet Viewer Pro Crack + [Win/Mac]

– Full coverage of the TV and Radio
– More than 100 video sources
– 50+ Brands of Radio and TV Channels from all over the world
– Video on Demand allows you to play any kind of video and audio files from any video streaming sites
– Most Viewed – List shows the most viewed stations
– Speed Control – You can get the channels you want at any speed you want
– Channel Image – You can change the channel image using any image file
– Repeater – You can make your own repeater
– DLNA (SAT TV Viewer Pro) allows you to connect your TV to the computer. Here is list of supported TVs
– DVD Screen – You can watch DVD files or make your own view.
– DVR – You can record the channels you want to view them later.
– Simple interface – SAT TV Viewer is very easy to use.
– Alarm – You can set the alarm to start the program when you start your computer.
– Very easy to use and configure
– You can record TV programs and play them later if you want to.
– You can use the Tab button for easy-to-use
– You can use any format for audio and video
– You can choose the language of your choise
– You can make your own Internet radio stations
– You can change the font and font size
– You can go to previous and next channel
– You can open any website with the built in Internet browser
– You can see the list of internet radio stations on your computer
– You can edit the Internet radio station list
– And much more.

Features of SAT TV Viewer Lite:
■ Supports all the TV and Radio stations supported by SAT TV Viewer Pro
■ More than 50 TV and Radio stations
■ Time Forward and Backward list allows you to go back and forward in your favorite TV programmes
■ Volume Control
■ Unlimited Repeater
■ Built-in web-browser allows you to open any web-page or video or audio file on any website or local file in your computer
■ Supports all your favorite file formats
■ Supports all your favorite satellite television channels including HD in both One-segment and Full-segment mode
■ Supports live TV

What’s New in the OutboundNet Viewer Pro?

– 100+ TV and Radio channels
– 100+ videos
– Full length movies
– Replay videos from last time
– Play all the programs from you favorite channel
– Two skins avilable
– Online stations updates at once a week
– No monthly fee
– No special devices needed
– Full length stauts list update
– One-click allows you to view a channel
– Sound record
– Preview a web site before you go
– Supports many kinds of languages
– Supports many files formats
– Search of the whole Internet for what you are looking
– Watch a video clip from the Internet
– Listen to over 50 online stations
– Possibility to make a list of your favorites
– Supports all the web browsers you are using
– Easy to use
– Low- price leader
When downloading the software, please be sure to choose a clean download (not FTP, auto download).
Install the software using the setup file (“setup.exe”).
1. Open the installed program
2. Click on the Start button
3. Click on “SAT TV Viewer”
4. Click on “Open file”
5. Choose the EXE file
6. Click OK
Trouble Shooting:
If you have installed SAT Viewer Pro and keep having an error message that “Sat Viewer Pro is not working because of the error 0x800705b2”, try to reinstall the program (the easy way is to uninstall and install it again) and then try to open the program again. If that won’t work, use the help file (SAT Viewer Help) from your help files.
If you have problems trying to watch your favorite TV channel, first of all try to connect the TV to the computer, try watching an Internet TV channel or watch the SAT TV Viewer play back a previous recorded TV episode.
I hope SAT TV Viewer will be very useful for you.
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System Requirements For OutboundNet Viewer Pro:

Mac:OS X 10.6.8 or later.
Windows: Windows 7 or later (32/64 bit)
Internet Explorer 8 or later
WebGL1 or later
Adobe Flash Player 10 or later
Firefox 3.6 or later
Chrome 10 or later
Mozilla FireFox 3.6 or later
For more information on these features please visit Adobe, Google, Mozilla, and Apple.