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of all! When of the Vaaranam Aayiram 2008 download the tamil movieAre you looking for extra space to stage your kids’ next recital? Good news: As we head into the holiday season, the Federal Aviation Administration is moving to ease restrictions on “ramp,” or secondary, parking that are often placed on runways and parking lots in the Midwest to accommodate aircraft such as the Boeing 737.

Although small aircraft — not just the Boeing 737 — have been flying at these ramp-style facilities since the 1940s, takeoff and landing have traditionally been restricted to a single runway; in addition, the FAA typically restricts use to daytime hours, allowing no more than six hours of takeoff and landing per 24-hour period.

Unless you’re a runway kingpin, accommodating the nighttime and 24-hour restrictions is a nonstarter for most operators of smaller aircraft. Fortunately, the agency is now considering loosening the rules to allow more time on the ramp. Faced with increasing fuel costs and international passenger interests, the FAA can hardly afford to ignore this situation.

Under current regulations, a ramp operator is required to demonstrate that it can handle 24-hour operations for up to 12 aircraft. That’s the same standard applied to private airports, and it’s virtually impossible for a ramp operator to meet that standard.

Furthermore, current regulations require operators of small aircraft to exercise restricted maneuvering in a concentrated pattern of flight operations. That means, for example, that a ramp operator would be required to operate two or three aircraft at a time, thereby limiting the number of flight operations that can occur at a single time. As a result, the ramp can only handle a few aircraft in any given hour, well below the 12-aircraft cap.

As noted by the Air Transport Association, which lobbies for ramp operators, the current restrictions on runway parking not only limit small aircraft operations at the local airport, they also directly limit the number of people who can be employed. Where it’s been possible to introduce new ground services, such as ramp-style parking, that have been driven by increased demand, it’s been a positive step toward a healthier overall aviation ecosystem.

I realize there are plenty of smaller airports that have achieved the impossible, but these restrictions are, sadly, unnecessary and untenable. The FAA has had plenty of time to address this situation, and more than enough opportunity to do so — and yet, it remains silent. Instead, in